Ryota Yamazaki


A highly talented and well-trained dancer from Osaka, Japan with more than 9 years experience in dancing Hiphop, House dance, Locking and Popping. All styles are based on Popping learned from a mentor Nishi at MYSTER STUDIO in Osaka. Also teachers are Elite Force and Dance Fusion from NYC for example, Buddha Stretch, Link, Bobby Mileage, Loose Joint, Ejoe, Shan's, Sekou and many dancers from all over the world who are known in worldwide urban dance scene. Characterized by not only passionate, energetic, extremely body control, but also blending some new styles from USA such as Lite Feet, Dougie, Jerkin' etc. He always describes freedom in his dancing by using his creativity. *Moreover, through being as a instructor in Japan and having many workshops in some countries, he really thinks deeply about teaching dancing, and has deep knowledge about it.