Mai Lê


Born in France, Mai Lê is an arts educator, dancer and choreographer who relocated to New York City in 2009.

Through her passion for dance, Mai Lê has had the opportunity to perform and/or teach in such countries as France, Democratic Republic of Congo, the UK, Vietnam, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovakia, Holland, Russia, Belgium and throughout the United States. In 2012 she joined RHAW and soon after RHPM (Rennie Harris Pure Movement), the longest running Hip-Hop dance touring company created in 1991, with which she traveled to Central Africa to serve as a US Cultural Ambassador in 2013. She also toured Europe with Detroit music producer Theo Parrish in 2014 as a dancer in his live band "The Unit".

Driven by her talents, Mai Lê has been relentlessly promoting underground Hip-Hop & House cultures locally and internationally, helping to bring awareness to their positive impact on the community. She strongly advocates for the harmonious marriage of dance and music, primarily through her event “LayeRhythm, A Jam Session of Music & Dance”, created in March 2015 in NYC.

Currently, Mai Lê is the Program Director of It’s Showtime NYC!, a program that celebrates NYC street culture and provides performance and professional development opportunities to street and subway dancers. The program is administered by Dancing In The Streets.

She credits the giants of this culture and the community at large for inspiring and teaching her daily.