Dassy Lee


Inyoung 'Dassy' Lee was born and raised in South Korea. At the age of 13, she found her passion in dance, and dedicated her time to dance at the dance organization in junior high school. Dassy started to learn various styles of street dance such as locking, hiphop, popping, waccking when she was 15. In two years, she began performing and entering a lot of street dance competitions with her crew THE.B (KOREA POPPING CREW). Dassy won many events in Korea, Singapore, and New York. In addition, she has been teaching, performing in musical, dance shows, concerts, and commercials in Korea.  In 2012, Dassy decided to go to the U.S. to challenge herself. Along with her ambition and effort, she has gotten opportunities to perform at the APOLLO, Carnival, and more, to teach workshops at Dartmouth university, and to win the dance battles -IMMORTAL Street Dance Battle, Fundamental Skillz, Ladies Of Hiphop Battle, etc in New York city, Boston, DC, Canada, Los Angeles. Furthermore, Dassy has been learning other dance styles such as African dance, dance hall, choreography and ballet in New York City.